What is a Airport Transfer

What is an Airport Transfer Service

Airport Transfers is a service that traditional arranges transport from or to the airport. Airport Transfers are usually paid upfront and can be arranged prior to about 1 day to your arrival. However, some service providers are more proficient and can arrange for you within 2-3 hours. 

From the Airport

The unique selling point of airport transfers is the meet and greet service. As a norm, the driver will usually greet you at the arrival gate, making your transfer to your next location much easier. There is no need to queue for any other form of transport and all your bags will be taken care of. In addition, you don't have to be surprised by additional surcharges that normal cabs might have at the Airports.

Any location

Unlike a normal cab that charges by distance, Airport transfer services are a one-time charge. DO note that this is only applicable in Singapore. This means you pay a one-time flat fee even if there is a jam or any delays in your journey.

To the Airport

As the name suggests, such services are also available to the airport. This means the driver will again meet your at the hotel/apartment and pick you and your luggage up. This removes the inconvenience of waiting for a transport.

Why use an Airport Transfer Service

Although airport transfer services tend to be more expensive than taxi services, they tend to be hassle-free for the paying customer. You are also paying for the added professional service that you can request from your driver. 

The price is usually about 20% more expensive but you don't have to worry about additional surcharges or additional airport fees and taxes.

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